Genealogical research
German or polish ancestors?

In the course of every life, questions about one's own family history arise.
The reasons for this are numerous.
Dealing with ancestors or individual ancestors - especially on another continent- is a moving experience.

  • Do you have old family photos and would like to know more about your family history?
  • Individual persons or family branches arouse your interest?
  • You have already started your genealogical research and now need support?
  • Your family broke up due to emigration or the division of Germany after the Second World War, due to flight and expulsion processes?
  • Would you like to rediscover or perhaps revive broken contacts?
  • Do you need a genogram as part of a family constellation or a coaching process?
  • You were adopted and are looking for your ancestors?
  • You recognise family patterns that may have been effective in your family for generations?
  • Are you concerned about the role of your father/grandfather/great-grandfather or other male ancestors in the war?
  • The same anecdotes have been told in your family for years? Are you bothered by the silence on explosive topics?
  • Are you looking for a valuable gift for your relatives and would like to have a family tree drawn up?

A young couple in Munich, Bavaria, ca. 1900 (Photo: private)

Do you need help finding your german or polish ancestors? Are your family documents hard to decipher?